The Backdrop to an aging Journeyman known locally as English Mike

I’m a professional SEO-Approved Content Writer

I am a Professional SEO-Approved Content Writer who can look at a set of keyword-specific topics, figure out what someone searching by using those phrases wants to know, and write relevant and organic content clearly and succinctly.

I also pay attention to using keywords effectively to assist the client’s readership in finding their content in search engines.

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Mike has knocked several articles out of the park with humor and relatable writing, and I can thoroughly recommend Mike and Calibri services for any content writing you need to be done for your website.
Mike Thomsen

The not-so-short version about me

If you sit down with Mike, the first thing that hits you is his unending catalog of stories, adventures, and mishaps. All is told in his effervescent nature and forthright honesty. You can immediately tell he is happiest when he is taking the “Mickey” out of himself and becoming the brunt of many a joke.

Yes, what is written above is faithful; he has had many names associated with him over the years, starting with MickMacMichael when at the age of 10, he walked into a depot of Milkmen at 2 in the morning. When he was asked to introduce himself, he stuttered out MickMacMichael while his brain was working overtime.

The name stuck, and Mike wore it as a badge of honor amongst all those Milk delivery men who all showered him in affection and respect.

English Mike, on leaving school, became a “Junior Executive in a large Aircraft Corporation” as he used to describe his role in life at the age of 17. When he could see the audience were amazed at such news, he always said, “In other words, I am in the Royal Air Force.”


During this period of his life, he left the shores of England and found himself in West Germany. Here he toured Belgium, Holland, France and found friends wherever he went.


After his military Service, English Mike entered the world of Sales and Marketing, first as a “Door Knocker” and later as the Manager of many “Door Knockers.”


Eight years later, English Mike returned to the UK, his hero Maggie Thatcher was in power, and he sensed the time was right to spread his wings. Never was this Journeyman out of work, not even for a day. He never looked back; he found work constantly all the way to his late 50s.


He once did walk into a Job Centre; he sat for 20 minutes waiting to be seen and just as he would be called. He turned his back to the pending interviewer and walked out of the door back on the street.


Two hours later, he was given a job as the Head Barman for a city-based Berni Inn. Within six months, he was now in London as the Manager of a Public House with two restaurants, two bars, and a thriving Discoteque.


In 2007, English Mike was out buying stamps from the local Post Office, and his mobile rang. A female asked if he was Mike Bowley, and he confirmed he was. She wanted to know if Mike was interested in working at Heathrow Airport. He had been recommended for a Management role that he could never refuse.

It was the proudest day of his life when he walked onto the Terminal Three Concourse in his crisp new suit and well-polished shoes.

For the next six years, it “Flew by” and  I recommend you let him tell of the many adventures and experiences, good and bad. He still has fond memories and has kept many of the Officers and Managers as close friends.

Then as he said in 2010, his life took an unexpected turn. He met a South American woman who had the most enormous brown eyes and the widest smiles he had ever seen. He knew he was smitten.

Fast forward to 2013, both English Mike and his new Bride Cristina arrived in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, and set about creating a new life for each other.

They opened their first European-style Cafe in the city and a few months later were asked to open a second one on the mountain ridge looking down on the city below.

While he was working with his merry band of Colombian tradesmen, he had a fall that nearly cost him his life.

English Mike came to within 12 hours of not surviving and was induced into a coma by a local Head Surgeon for the next 20 days.

This event was when our Journeyman learned that “Blood truly is thicker than water.”

The Surgeon told Mike and Cristina that the English Journeyman had to cease working and not do any exercises for six months or more. Unknown to Cristina, English Mike lasted one day in a chair on the mountain ridge, and from day 2, he would quietly sneak away and walk the entire ridge for four to five hours at a time.

He now made new friends who spoke no English, and he struggled with making himself understood. It never stopped either party from having fun when they met. He even made friends with a donkey laden with bale.

While he was on one of his many treks, he found himself talking to an imaginary man in the most giant rock you can imagine. Our English Journeyman suddenly found his head was full of stories and adventures he needed to get down on paper fast before forgetting them.

He spent the next two hours running down the mountain to the family “Bodega” and, to Cristina´s surprise of seeing her very sick husband, racing to his laptop. Now frantically keyboarding like crazy.

Within four hours, he had created the first four chapters of his first book of Short Stories. Within two weeks, he had completed 25 chapters, sent the manuscript to England, and published it in English and Spanish.

Not bad for a guy who did not start to learn to read or write until he was thirteen!

Now you would be right to conclude our illustrious Journeyman became a successful Author. Well, NO, that did not happen. He was offered over 20 publishing contracts from all the leading Publishers in both London and New York.


But he had no money to promote himself and could not afford the airfares to both capitals to pursue the publishers who wanted him there.


English Mike took it in his stride and wrote book two and had the outline of book three firmly in his head.

Then in 2017, English Mike discovered SEO.

Over the next four years, our Journeyman honed his skills in becoming as he describes himself as an “SEO-Approved Content Writer.”

He now helps fellow entrepreneurs in Colombia achieve their goals and dreams with their online presence with his Calibri.Pro SEO-Approved Written Content Services.

Here is a list of Calibri. Pro current projects:

  • A Danish owner of an Adventure Motorbike Touring Company who started out as a cafe customer years before was now a firm friend for life. Mike has written six long-form SEO Articles for his website and is in the process of SEO approving over 40  previously published articles.


  • Another friend also needed English Mike’s skills in marketing his website promoting a Dental Practice & Dental Laboratory to US-based Patients, who become attracted to the enormous savings from having their treatment completed outside of the USA.


  • A group of seven female Coffee Growers got fed up with their men and joined ranks. They have turned to Mike to assist them in having their current Facebook and Instagram presence extended to their own website to gain visitors to their farm to become Coffee Growers for a day.


  • A successful Coffee Barista has the only Coffee Barista Training School in the city. Mike is creating a series of Long-Form Articles to bring visitors and Trainee Baristas to his school from Miami and beyond.

The biggest project of English Mike began when returning to Cristina in June of this year after both being separated due to the Pandemic and lockdowns around the world for over two years.

Together they are assisting 44-year-old bricks and mortar Artisanal Giftware Store to the Global stage with two websites. The first under construction will be the global showcase for the Ticuna Artisans of the Amazon Rainforests.

These outstanding Hand Carvers produce the most beautiful of figurines and giftware with only the use of their hands, an axe, and a machete.

The third sister website in the “Calibri Ladies” family is called Calibri Foundation. English Mike has watched with the same alarm as billions of us worldwide with facing Climate Warming.


The forest fires in California, Europe, and Australia have made him act now before the Amazon also suffers from a significant fire. Here he wants to ensure the Foundation works as a means for people worldwide who love animals, birds, fish, and reptiles to help assist with their safety from becoming a distant memory due to being wiped out by the fire.


So there you have it, the back story and Bio of an SEO-Approved Content Writer. Every new client who reaches out to him for his skills is helping him to achieve his goals of making a difference with Calibri.Pro, Calibri.Art, and Calibri.Foundation.


Remember, this is a Journeyman who has traveled a journey that many so-called “Experts” could never achieve through sheer willpower. Suppose you are an Enterprise in the UK, the USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, or New Zealand who needs that special human touch to your content, just email or WhatsApp English Mike. You will never be disappointed.

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