Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire Mike?


What Will Mike Do?

Mike’s primary goal of SEO content writing for your business is to create high-quality, keyword-specific topic content that will rank well in search engines to generate organic traffic to your website.

Mike will ensure your SEO content plays a key role when search engines are looking for useful information that informs, entertains, educates, and/or solves a problem for your readers and users.

Also, Mike will ensure your readers/user’s overall experience every time they visit your website is perfect. This also applies to the search engine bots consistently looking, scanning, and ranking relevant web pages.


How do I know Mike is right for me?

This will depend on whether you need him as an SEO Content Writer creating optimized keyword-specific topic content for ranking purposes and generating organic traffic to your site or as an SEO Copy Writer converting your traffic into leads and sales. You can choose which method fits your needs and goals.


Can you guarantee I will get the result I want from Mike?

Yes, remember you will hire Mike as your SEO Content Writer, whose primary function is to write your website content through long-form articles and web pages.

He will include all the up-to-date SEO Writing Practices to understand what search engines are looking for. Mike does this by spending hours when not creating content looking at evolving best practices with the Search Engine Algorithms.

If you want guarantees, then this is the best way to increase your organic traffic. Mike will create great content to drive social shares and to keep your users on your website longer.

He will continually look at ways to assist you in establishing authority in your niche and drive awareness of your unique brand.


My business needs special knowledge to run. How can someone outside my industry help me?

You will be able to walk Mike through as many video meets as you wish; the more, the better. Expect him to ask you 1000s of questions in his deep-based research of your field of expertise and your niche competitors. He is a strong writer and able to adapt to different audiences.

He will pay particular attention to driving clicks from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), the best ways to attract high-authority backlinks, and ensuring the right keywords and keyphrases are ranking well,

He will want to see how best to direct your users to your other internal web pages and how to convert your visitors into buyers, subscribers, and/or leads.


How and when can I begin?

You will be pleased to know all you need to do is press one of the many GET IN TOUCH links on this website or head to my Contact Page and send me a message. Answer a few basic details and request a Video meeting via Zoom, Hangout, or Google Meet.

If it helps you, he can also head to WhatsApp Business and talk one-to-one with you. Mike will reply and offer a series of dates and times, and you can decide which suits you best.

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