“This are some of my clients testimonials “

Mike has knocked several articles out of the park with humor and relatable writing, and I can thoroughly recommend Mike and Calibri services for any content writing you need to be done for your website.
Mike Thomsen
Mike and his wife Cristina are dear friends of our family, and now he is expertly guiding us from having two bricks-and-mortar businesses to having two online companies as well.
Juliana Zafra
Artesanias Pacande / Tourist Visa Assistance / Graphic Designer.
Mike and Calibri in very short time understood what makes an Insupec client and supplier therefore became the ideal partner help us gain new clients and promote and sell our crushing machines.
Carlos A Grisales Rueda
CEO & Production Analysis at insupec.com
With Mike, we share an amazing friendship, both personal and business-like, which we hope we can enjoy for many years to come as he guides me on taking my bricks-and-mortar business to an online global presence.
Gonzalo Zafra
Owner and Founder of Artesanias Pacandé.